Jul 1, 2017

A personal experience in New York Hair Dressing- the finest hair salon in Dublin!

Summer it's always a good time to think about a new look and finding the perfect hair salon in Dublin can be tough as there are various hair salons especially into our beautiful Dublin city center.
Personally, I am a medium-long hair girl, with the thinnest hair possible on this planet, and no volume, unless I use some "volume hair products"- think some of you ladies have same or other issues.
hair salon dublin
New York Hair Dressing Salon
After years of blonde hair, (can't believe it myself that I was silver blonde, such a pity I don't have a photo to show you how a 18 years old girl can look like she's 40- ha ha ha), and all kind of extensions from keratin, to sew in hair extensions, i decided to take a break and tried henna, in order to avoid coloring and to help it grow- henna was recommended by a friend for which it really works!

Honestly I don't know which one was worse, as after all these experiences, henna should have never been on my list.
I have applied henna twice (dark brown color), but the result was terrible and turned my hair into a fried ...thing! I use to be plum (purple) since 23 when I give up blonde, and it was "a sexy color". So now I had to look for somebody to remove this "thing" from my hair.

I have been to few consultations in city center, and when I have been asked what I have in my hair, and obviously said what it was, nobody wanted to touch it, saying that my thick hair cannot be bleached as I will risk to be left bold...fair enough!

So I start looking for solutions, and I discovered New York Hair Dressing- this fab place where all my hair problems have been resolved and I am back at my "sexy color".
It took indeed couple of weeks, and few sessions with them, but as you can see in the picture the differences are crazy!
hair styling services
hair styling services

And thank's to them, I have recently discovered the keratin hair treatment by BioNaza, and their revolutionary shampoos and conditioners, rich in vitamins E & C and lots of antioxidants! My hair is now lighter, never was so shinny and silky, and the best part is that I can maintain it at home, with the products I bought from the salon- being professional products you won't find them in the shops!

For those that don't know much about them, New York Hair Dressing is one of the few in Dublin, with a central location, easy to reach by bus, train or luas, located on Eden Quay nr 20!
It's offering original concepts in hair and beauty, luxury hair styling services and hair treatments!

This hair salon is one of the places in Dublin, where you can have an amazing hairdressing experience, no matter what you wish to go for, from free consultations and multiple options of haircuts, ultimate highlights & balayage styles, and also lots of professional hair care products to purchase of prestigious brands such as L'Oreal Paris, Kerastase, Bio Naza, and an incredible atmosphere inside!

I am so happy they have helped me in having back my color and now after few weeks, my hair is shining and growing faster than ever!

hair salon dublin
hair salon dublin
And I will tell you a little secret about them: they are now preparing for an exclusive course with the one and only MOUNIR in Dubai!
Cannot wait to try the latest coloring techniques on my hair that the whole world is going crazy for!

Hope my experience will help some of you in finding your ideal hairdresser and the perfect spot, to turn your hair into a beautiful crown!

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