Jun 6, 2017

Looking for a Romanian Restaurant in Dublin? BlackChurchInn is the one!

Whether you are a Romanian established in Ireland or have Romanian friends, who have inspired you the Romanian party style, a visit to BlackChurchInn Romanian Restaurant in Dublin is all you need, to feel like home or to understand more about their traditions and beautiful souls!
romanian restaurant dublin

BlackChurchInn is the place where your soul lingers, the place where you will learn or improve your dancing movements and burn over 3000 calories when dancing a traditional Romanian "hora""-one of the most popular Romanian songs!

Here the food is made with love, the secrets of romanian recipes, (such as tripe sour soup, traditional Romanian Polenta served with "sarmale" or the delicious and fluffy papanasi dessert), will remain a secret, for the love of traditions inspired by our dear grandmother's:) - speaking of them, in this Romanian Restaurant (the only one at the moment in Dublin) you will find all the recipes made decades ago by our loving grandmothers, along with traditional music and cheerfulness. The menu is refreshed every single week, so you can try different dishes and taste as many as your eyes please, as for the weekend, you can enjoy some fresh barbecue dishes along with some nice cold beer outside on the recently opened terrace of the restaurant!

What type of entertainment / events can be organized in Black Church Inn?

Pretty much all kind of events from Weddings, Private Parties, Receptions, Baptisms, Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties and more!
private parties dublin
If you are planning an important event in your life, Black Church Inn will be the perfect host, as the restaurant meets your requirements, with personalized packages for banqueting, festive events, fully tailored to the most exclusive expectations. The restaurant offers a ball room with a capacity of 110 people, free parking for up to 200 cars, personalized menus according to the clients' preferences.

Each month, Black Church Inn is hosting live concerts with great artists coming from Romania, to entertain yourself and your dear ones. In it's 2 years of activity, it gathered more than 100 live concerts for Easter, Christmas, New Year's Parties, Women's Day and more, turning the rainy weekends of our beautiful Emerald Island into festive days!
If you are not a big fan of these kind of live parties, you can enjoy a nice Irish meal freshly prepared, along with a nice cold pint of Guinness, as the restaurant has a a nice Pub where you can serve a great variety of Irish and International cuisine!
BlackChurchInn restaurant
Maybe the Dracula's pictures and traditional items on the inside of the restaurant, will make you curious to discover and taste the authentic "bloody Dracula's steak" - one of the house specialties if you are a "first time visitor".

Hope I have given enough reason to visit at least once this unique place in Ireland and if so, you'll also need the location (if you haven't clicked on the links provided, to follow Google Maps)- the restaurant is located with direct access off the N7/ Naas Road one of Ireland's busiest roads between Dublin City Center & New Castle and on junction 5 of the N7.

If you have visited them let me know as I would like to know how many of you have experienced Black Church Inn Restaurant and what was your impression about it?

Personally each weekend I promise myself that I will skip the "papanasi" but I just can't help it -too tasty!

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