May 30, 2016

Bellamianta Spray Tanning and it's luxurious effect!

Considering the preparations for the summer season, it is extremely important to pay close attention to the skin colour and face, especially as the sun is quite rare on our beautiful Emerald Isle.

The latest product brought in Deluxe Nail Beauty Salon located in Dublin City Centre, is this innovative and trendy Tanning Spray Bellamianta. 
Now, for those that do not know much about this luxury tanning product, let me give you some amazing tips about it!

First of all it is a product free of parabens, harsh chemicals
bellamianta tanning
Bellamianta Tanning 
or genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s) and it contains no alcohol. Bellamianta tanning spray contains one of the highest, premium grade DHA’s. This luxury DHA is added to formulas which are bursting with natural fruit extracts such as Mango, Papaya and Goji Berry which work with the skins natural melanin to provide a signature golden tone.

Now from the tanning perspective, using Bellamianta comes with many advantages such as: it dries in no more than 60 seconds, it has an odour neutralising technology- and that means no more fake tan smell, and the glamming golden colour develops in 2-4 hrs.

It is water resistant and it lasts up to 7-10 days. Pretty much I would say for a tanning spray that only costs only 15 euros per session.
The ultra-smart hydration system ensures that while this tan dries, the light formulas are still working to hydrate the skin ensuring that the tan wears of evenly with none of the dreaded snakeskin effect or no fake tan smell through the use of odour neutralising technology.

De Luxe Nail Beauty Salon stands for beautiful aspirations and wishes to bring you a beautifully clean, nutritious, luxury tanning experience, as a premiere into the city centre of Dublin, as it can only be found there, at the moment!

Among the tanning experience Deluxe Nail Beauty Salon is also, providing exceptional beauty services such as nail extensions, manicure / pedicure, eyelash extensions, waxing and make-up services, so it may be the perfect place for you to take full care of your face and body all in one shot!

The Beauty Salon has many awards during it's existence, winning multiple International Competitions and Nail Championships, also had the Judge Role for Multiple National Irish Beauty Shows that took place in Ireland such as Nail Master or National Nail Competition.

De Luxe Nail & Beauty is a premier salon which was established with the vision of providing superior customer service where technicians are artists, lead by Daniela Orlea- the Master Nail Technician, trained at the highest level, who will provide for you every need in nail and beauty care.

I say you should give it a try:)

Happy Tanning Girls!