Feb 23, 2016

Try Velashape treatments for weight loss at affordabe prices!

I think this time of year is just perfect for a chat on the most effective weight loss treatments that women look for when it comes to cellulite issues, stretch marks, or water retention!
It is said that the cold season is the best season for body sculpting and preparing the body for the summer!
velashape treatments
Alina Ungureanu doing a Velashape session for her client
Let's be serious who doesn't crave for a nice sunny holiday, and a great shaped body?
I have meet a lot of women at the Gym that I go, and all of them are fighting for a long time with these problems, complaining about the cellulite issues, hard to get rid of specially because of the bad habits regarding the way we eat, sleep, work, etc! Even though I am among those who love the gym and attend at least 3 times a week, things are not simple when it comes to eliminate cellulite through training.
Me personally I declare myself a very lucky girl for the fact that I have found the perfect solution to get rid of it! I have visited Prestige, an amazing beauty shop recommended by a close friend who started using VelaShape weight loss and body sculpting treatments, and she got remarkable results after only 2 sessions!
So I went as well:)

First of all I was impressed by the multiple treatments available. VelaShape is one of the most ''looked up for ''cellulite treatment and that, because I lost around 2 cm on the waist on each session, result that with my diet and gym workout never happened!
For those that do not know much about VelaShape-is a fat loss machine used to reduce cellulite as well as slim the area around the stomach, hips, and thighs.
It is the perfect machine that combines four different technologies: infrared, bi-polar radio frequency, pulsed vacuum, and massage rollers, all these techniques come to improve the skin texture and reduce overall volume of the treated area.
Donna Brenan Kelly Donegan Alina Ungureanu
Donna Brenan, Kelly Donegan, Alina Ungureanu

Another great one that I have tried is the Slim Light Laser. It's about more than 200 laser beam that acts simultaneously on two wavelengths to penetrate deeply and melt fat both shallow and deep ones.

Tunnel wrapping is another great treatment that helps you sweat a lot and eliminate the water, and Presso Lympho Drainage for water retention and bloating, activates body’s physiological processes, eliminating excess of fluid and metabolic-waste products, thereby reducing the swelling and cellulite. It is performed by special cuffs that compress the limb with compressed air and positively affect the lymphatic system!

Vacuum and Electro Stimulation sessions, where one session is the equivalent of 6 hours spent into the gym! Now think about, how does it fell to lay down and in the same time to workout your muscles so strong without effort? There is nothing you could wish for more if you are not a big Gym fan🙈😂!

So if you wish to get rid of cellulite you must absolutely try these weight loss treatments! It is a great combination that works perfectly. And because it works so good toghether at Prestige you have the chance to get a full pack off slimming treatments depending on your needs, in the same place with a great beautician.
Alina Ungureanu | Mihaela Trebe

Alina Ungureanu is the woman that does miracles for all those ladies that are crossing her beauty shop. She has 4 years of experience in methods of weight loss and boasts a diploma accredited by Rowe.
Maybe you did heard about fitness models such as Donna Brennan, Kelly Donegan, Mihaela Trebe or Claire McGrath. They are just few of the girls that recommended her to everybody into the beauty industry.

I think that if these girls trusted her and tried her magic treatments before the International Fitness Competitions that they have all over the world, it is the best place to start the slimmimg process!

Now let's talk about the prices because you might think it will cost you a fortune, but it is not as you think!
Depending on the organism and the percentage of weight loss on your mind Prestige offers promotional packages that include treatments of Velashape, Electrostimulation or wrap in Tunnel Infrared!
A pack of 30 such treatments cost between 500-600 euros!

This is just an idea of how you can decide on your needs and prices! All these being said there is nothing I can wish you more than to step up and go for your perfect choices girls!
weight loss treatments

Prestige is a beauty salon where you will find the newest weight-loss treatments at affordable price, and a great friend that will help you and make sure you have an amazing and relaxing time!

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